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Regional analgesia

Biopsyhology of pain - Biopsyhology of pain
Main technique
IBP block
Show before blocking the shoulder gossip in the mid-part of the promiscuity (Interscalenus brachial plexus block) на operative hand-grip on the shoulder and that upper part of the arm. In accordance with the blockade of sheikh gossip, we can be victorious at the time of clavicle.

A general anesthetic is expanded between the middle and middle shoulder gossip bores, the middle and middle middle braces.

At the 1970s, Alon Winnie described the blockade of the brachial gossip of the victorious one less than anatomically.

TAP block
Blockage of the transverse abdominal muscle is a simple and effective interfascial block that can be used after surgery on the anterior abdominal wall.

There are 4 modifications to the blockade (dermatomes are indicated in parentheses):
subcostal (T6-T9)
lateral (T10-T12)
back (T11-T12)
anterior or ilioinguinal (T10-L1)

ESP block
ESP block (erector spinae plane) is a paraspinal fascial block, the basis of which is the injection of a local anesthetic deep under the extensor muscle of the back and superficially to the ends of the transverse thorax. The injection site is located far from the pleura, large blood vessels and spinal cord.

An indication for the implementation of the blockade is a fracture of three or more ribs.
ESP block is easier to perform than thoracic epidural analgesia and thoracic paravertebral block.

The mechanism of action is the diffusion of local anesthetics to the anterior and posterior branches of the spinal nerves.

QL block type 2
The QL unit includes greater sensory anesthesia compared to the TAP unit when the same anesthetic dose is used.

Bilateral QL blockade may be considered as a safer alternative to the epidural block.
The indication for execution is caesarean section, median laparotomy (requires bilateral block), open prostatectomy, abdominoplasty.

In QL-block 2 type anesthetic is introduced on the posterior surface of the square muscle of the cross between its perimission and the middle leaf of the thoracolumbar fascia.

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